Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume crisis, missing Tommy, illness

I just ordered two costumes online because I could not make a damn decision. What the hell would I do if I had to make a huge decision in my life someday? I have the emotional capacity of a turtle for god sakes. When faced with a huge decision like college, I chose to go where my best friend at the time went. It just seemed better then choosing somewhere on my own. Plus she could convince me the summer before we went how awesome it was. And wham im sold. So i have spent $80 of money I do not have on costumes that I will wear once. Good god.
I am missing my Tommy today, like I do almost everyday. I miss the way his furr smelled, and the way he would come to the door when we came home, roll on his back showing us his big belly, and then reside on some shoes. I miss having him around. I wonder if he is optimistic in heaven. He was always a class half empty kind of guy. Love u dearest dear.
I was sick today, as I am practically everyday, for no reason. I feel bad for the man I marry, he will have to hear bitching like he has never heard before. I got 13 hours of sleep last night, woke up, went to one class, came home and felt like shit, took a 3 hour nap, felt like shit, came home, felt like shit, went to the library, felt like shit, got pizza with my roomate, felt like shit, went to the library again...felt alittle less like shit. Came home and now I feel like im on aderall. I could jump dance sing and do yoga. its 1:37 in the morning. I wonder if I am a bat of some kind.

Much love--Kayla